Junglewood Tales

This is a collection of some spontaneous memories of the Junglewood years that found their way into a series of email threads that bounced around the country among our family, Peter Woodbury, and whoever else decided to join in. It wasn’t long before the original thread became unwieldy—some people’s email programs were truncating it, and several branches were developing as multiple people responded at the same point in the chain. 

So I volunteered to collect the exchanges into a single document—this one. I’ve tried to keep the text as exact as it was originally typed in the emails, but I have taken the liberty to correct spelling and punctuation here and there. I’ve also tried to keep things in chronological sequence, but sometimes the threads got a little confusing, so I just guessed at the order in a few places.  As Dan pointed out, after reading the first draft, it’s a little difficult to follow the thread sometimes, so I’ve inserted some remarks (enclosed in brackets) in a few places to try to put back some of what gets lost when you transcribe this kind of thing. This is a work-in-progress – I’ll follow it as long as it lasts, maintaining this document. 

Keep the stories coming, everyone…this could become quite a collection! 

Ken Haley – August, 2001

NOTE: The story page has become too big to load! We had to resort to chapters. The stories are still in the same order and the story locator continues to be a great way to navigate.